ID Install Watch

ID Install Watch 1.2

ID Install Watch is an absolute monitoring guardian of all of...

ID Install Watch is an absolute monitoring guardian of all of your installations, securing the accurate installation and well functioning of all of your programs.

Monitors the whole installation process of another program, and makes sure it runs smoothly with no interferences. ID Install Watch documents all changes happening during the installation process, always being on top of the situation.

It can also interfere with the process, making necessary adjustments and configuration changes. Oversees the removal process of a software or hardware.

It makes sure everything goes as planned, and that nothing threats the whole process. Alerts you whenever an unexpected thing, or action, takes place.

ID Install Watch keeps you informed about the status of the installation at all times. ID Install Watch fixes some memory licks that may occur during the installation process.

It so protects your entire system, and rescues available space on your disk. Monitors all registry entries, including deletions, modifications, or adding data to the Registry.

It also monitors files and folders, as well as. ini files, modifications, deletions, or new entries. Offers at request, the option to export to XML the log for an installation.

ID Install Watch gives you the chance to transfer the installation log in XML format, if and when you consider it necessary. ID Install Watch has a simple, easy to use graphic interface, monitoring fast and easy all of your installation processes.